a long weekend..

Very busy weekend. I am really tired..


On Tuesday night I didn’t have much homework to do, so i decided to draw. Usually each drawing takes about 5-10 min each, but sometimes the could take a couple hours.

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
bmw e22


Friday, I went to school like usual and then went home afterwards. Around 6, I decided to go hangout with some friends. We were gonna go hiking but it was raining so we decided not to. Instead we went to go see the movie Split.

post split

Split was pretty good, I definitely recommend watching it but it was a little disturbing in some of the scenes.

Comment below what you thought of Split if you have already watched it.


I skated all day on Saturday. I woke up around 6 AM and made some breakfast. Ate a bagel, drank a glass of orange juice and left the house. I went to my friend Colin’s house first to hang out for a bit.

Colin is one of my very close friends. He likes to skate, play music and draw.

Colin playing “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd

We left his house around 10. We biked down to the skate park and hung out around there the whole day.

on our way to the skatepark

Colin left around 2 to hangout with a girl. I stayed at the skatepark and hung out with Christian and Charlie.

At this point, I was already really tired so I just sat down and watched my friends skate. Usually when I’m tired, I either film my friends, take photos or just talk to someone.  I enjoy making skate videos in my free time at home.

Colin came back from his “date” in a very good mood. It was a little bit annoying, so Charlie and I just ignored him while he was talking all about it.

Colin and I left around 5 and went back to his house…

Colin and his family had to go to a birthday party so I had to go with them.

brandi’s 18th

Got back to Colin’s around 10, and just went to bed.


Woke up around 9 and had a bagel again. I really like bagel’s.

We texted a couple of friends and decided to go skate some street. I don’t really like street skating but I just went with them because no one else was at the skatepark.

my buddy will

We skated street until around 2 and decided to just go to the skatepark.

my friend Emilio

Went home around 5 and I was exhausted. Too much skating.

I started my AP world history notes, had dinner, and watched a few episodes of Louie..


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new friends and asian tourists

This weekend I was a little sick. I’m still kinda sick. It sucks. I’ve been tired since Mexico and never got the chance to rest since we had school the day after we got back.


On Friday I just went to school and did some community service after school. Later, Josh showed me a website where you can watch Netflix with friends at the same time, while having a group chat going on next to it. My friends and I decided to watch the episode “Shut up and Dance” from the show Black Mirror. I definitely recommend watching that show if you are a fan of The Twilight Zone.


I had a slow morning on Saturday. I woke up around 8 and layed in bed and watched Netflix. I started a new show called Louie, it’s pretty funny.

I got out of bed around 9 and made some breakfast.

Around noon, I went to the skatepark and hung out with some friends. I was still a little sick so I didn’t skate much. After about an hour, we all got hungry so we went to Mony’s and got some tacos.

 Gavin skating back to the skatepark after Mony’s

 Around 4, I met up with other friends and hung out on the beach. I started hanging out with these friends in Mexico. After sitting on the beach for a while, Brianna, Kyelee, Josh, Quinn and I went to the pier.

Josh jumping off the pier
Josh jumping off the pier

Josh and I jumped off the pier, the water was really cold. Definitely regret jumping, I got even more sick.

Josh on the right, Kyelee on the left

While we were jumping, a lot of random people came to watch. An asian tourist screamed every time I jumped, which was pretty funny. Later on, she almost fell off the pier.

After jumping, we decided to walk back to the beach and get some food. We ordered pizza and watched the sunset. We played some music and found out that Elianna listens to weird music.

Kyelee, Claire, Brianna, Elianna and Josh

Around 6:30 we ran out of pizza and got really bored so decided to walk around downtown.

I got picked up around 8:30 and went home. It was a fun day. We are all planning on going hiking next week. Comment below if you recommend any good hiking spots in Santa Barbara… Later that night, I got a really bad sore throat. It sucked.


On Sunday I didn’t do much. I was suppose to go to the Rincon Classics and hang out with some friends but didn’t have a ride and was also really tired.

Instead, my dad and I decided to go get some food at Super Cuca’s. It’s been a little over a week since we got back from Mexico and I feel like I can finally eat some Mexican food without being sick of it.

dad at super cuca’s

Later that day, I went home and finished up some weekend homework and watched a couple more episodes of Louie.